Cain on Earth is the alternative universe I focused most of my 2021-2022.

Content Warning for Non-con, description of gore, mpreg and various dead dove materials.


In the 1965 Fritz had a lover named Max that was planning to make a pact with the Devil.

He wanted to obtain a demon of his own and vivisect it.

Fritz decided to help him out, letting Max use his own body to make some sacrifices.

The last pact made Fritz pregnant with the demon, and the young man, desperate, killed Max in blind rage.

Since the person who made the pact was dead before the act was complete, a High Demon came from the depths of Hell and asked Fritz what he wanted to do.

The doctor could barely answer that he didn’t want to die giving birth to a demon, that the Demon made it happen.

Fritz wasn't going to die “that way” because he wasn't going to die at all.

She decided to separate Max and Fritz for eternity... making the latter immortal.

Between the ‘60s and the ‘90s:

Even if he couldn’t die no matter what, Fritz still had the same capacity of healing from wounds etc. As a regular person.

He enlisted for the Vietnam war, and after the death of his sister, in the ‘80s, he went to live in Porto Rico, guest of a medical professional he met during the war and that was aware of his secret.

He also gained top surgery in there, drunk and tired of not being able to go around shirtless.

During a walk and some birdwatching, he witnessed to a homicide from a gang and he was captured and thrown in the sea to die, and that was then he decided he needed to find a way to enhance his healing.


With some fake documents and his brother’s money, he managed to get his medical license back and travelled in Europe, using his knowledge of the human body and digestion to create a fluid that made him capable of regenerating from any kind of wound... but that left him hungry, weak and with osteoporosis.

That just couldn’t do, so, while exploring a city in France, he gained the knowledge regarding a secret Vatican society that developed some kind of biomechanism that was capable of making people regenerate from every kind of wound. Fritz wanted that knowledge, so he made a few phone calls to his mafia friends and gained a one-way ticket to Rome.

The Secret Vatican Organization and Maurice..

Fritz managed to join the secret Organization as outside researcher, and medical assistant in the infirmary, and one day he was sent in a mission with an agent and fellow researcher called Father Montgomery, (an oc belonging to miscellanium)

Fritz fell for this man. Hard. And when he was kissed by him for some reason (that was a kiss of the death from the priest but Fritz didn’t know).

Thinking he was flirting with him, they have what Fritz intended to be a one-night stand, but Maurice's possessive tendencies lead him to do some digging and discover the truth about Fritz's background..

He interrogated Fritz and they went to an accord, where Maurice would protect Fritz from the other Catholics discovering his secret, and in exchange Fritz would devote himself to him.

Long story short, they build a relationship on blood, masochism and misunderstandings.

11 years later they are still together, with Maurice as head of the organization, and Fritz feels like a Damocles' sword on his head not knowing how long his immortality is it going to last... Until he meets a young man called Jericho...