Fight Club AU

Ww2 au


explained by misce

Hsau but where they are colleagues instead of student/teacher


Hanahaki disease

Space/among us au

Fritz is the imposter. Or anyway he is an alien on a human base, faking being a human. Maurice goes on the base and they try to udnerstand what a person is doing there, but he has his suspicions.

Superheroes au

Makube is the hero of the town, and Fritz is the mad scientist working for the villain.

Rosemary baby au:

Maurice and Fritz are married and Fritz is expecting a baby and well, seems like the entire village where they moved in is expecting this baby as well

3-gatsu no lion au:

fritz and Maurice just in the universe. They are rivals in shogi who fucks against the wall and bite each other's lips after the tournaments.

Squid game au

Arranged Marriage AU

Merfolk/the lighthouse au

Ghost au

Outlast whistleblower au

Fritz is an immate becasue he "knew too much" and Makube was a priest there to pray for the salvation of the souls of the people there, but when eveyrthing goes south, Makube founds himself being tailed by "the doctor"

Android/blade runner AU

Comatose lord au

Yakuza au